Thank you for visiting my blog! Weighty Words is a blog about books (primarily audiobooks), real estate, and me. I hope to write about traveling in the future when I am better able to afford to actually travel.

My name is Tom and I love books. I listen to around 1-3 audiobooks a week while reading a different book at night. I primarily read non-fiction books with an emphasis on books that teach about a new topic. The fiction books that I do read usually end up being detective or crime books. I will be doing a short review of the nonfiction books I read. I will not be giving them any score or rating but will instead place them on a level indicating my opinion of the book in relation to the other books I have reviewed. For more information on the review format go to the levels page.

My other interests not discussed on this blog are soccer, hip-hop music and working out. I played soccer since I was about six and I still watch soccer on tv every weekend. Go Manchester United! I listen almost exclusively to hip-hop because I enjoy hearing the creativity of the lyrics and I like the inspirational aspect of some artists. I might post about hip-hop if I find them relevant to the topics of this blog. I also try to go to the gym four or five times a week, which really helps me speed through audiobooks.

I am a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Florida in my spare time to afford my book addiction. I do not want be a real estate appraiser long term and I would not recommend it as a career. I would like to work at a company that is involved with developing office or condominium buildings in a downtown area of a large city. I attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a degree in Real Estate Business.

I participate in the Amazon affiliates program and include links to amazon for each book I review. If you click on this link and buy the book or anything else, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. If you like my reviews and find them useful, please consider using them to purchase the books.

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