Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

This is a book all about developing a side hustle. I know, I know, what a huge surprise. This book defines a side hustle as something you do in addition to your regular job that provides some sort of income. If you are not making money, it is not a side hustle and is more like a hobby. I would have never considered reading this book but I read another book by the author, The $100 Startup, which I enjoyed enough to listen to this book on audio.

The book is formatted as one of those “change your life in a month” type things. Only difference is the goal is to have a side hustle in 29 days. As you can imagine, the steps start very small doing things like brainstorming and gets more difficult all the way to things like horizontal expansion.

Anyway, I think you know the direction this review is going. I didn’t like this book very much. It had its moments but overall it was not great. The best part of the audiobook was that it was short, which is not a good sign.

The book does provide a lot of inspirational stories of how other people got their side hustles started, which I found interesting. This included, if I remember correctly, a computer programmer that does photography for a wedding once a month for around $3,500. This is not a small amount and the effort he puts into it are well worth the extra money that month.

To summarize, I did not like this book very much but I recognize that this book could have value to other people. If you are interested in making money but not necessarily leaving your current job, this book is for you. I placed this book on level 5.

Click here for a link to the book on amazon. If you are considering purchasing this book and you like my review or find it useful, please consider buying it after clicking that link. I get a commission at no extra cost to yourself.

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