The Four by Scott Galloway

This book is about the current dominance of Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon in the current economy. I expected this book to be much more complimentary about the roles these companies have in the world economy, but the book takes a more pessimistic view of their roles. For instance, the author examines how Amazon dominates the market by keeping low cash reserves and reinvesting almost all their profits to avoid any significant corporate income taxes.

A particularly interesting topic that the book discusses is the fight between Amazon and Uber for the ‘final mile’ in business deliveries. The ‘final mile’ refers to the last portion of a delivery of a product to the consumer. The book explains that Uber essentially has a very large mobile workforce that could easily start delivering products. Therefore, it is well positioned to be a future competitor to Amazon for the ‘final mile’ portion of the delivery of consumer products.

The book also discusses the other companies around the world that are best positioned to join the four as leaders in the new economy. A short list of these companies includes Tesla, Alibaba, Intel and Uber. It explains why or why not each company could join the four to become the five.

I enjoyed this book but I was surprised by the tone the author took when discussing the four companies, as I mentioned earlier. I placed this book on level 3.

Click here for a link to the book on amazon. If you are considering purchasing this book and you like my review or find it useful, please consider buying it after clicking that link. I get a commission at no extra cost to yourself.

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