To Pixar and Beyond by Lawrence Levy

One of the books I have read most recently is To Pixar and Beyond by Lawrence Levy, the former chief financial officer of Pixar. The book mostly focuses on the time period before the release of Toy Story and the decisions that Pixar had to make regarding the future of the company. Lawrence Levy was recruited to Pixar by Steve Jobs to help navigate the company through the tough times before the release of Toy Story.

Pixar was going through a very difficult time when Mr. Levy joined the company. Steve Jobs was personally going into debt bankrolling the company and while they were making Toy Story because they didn’t have enough revenue to cover their payroll. Mr. Levy came in and made the difficult decisions on what divisions of the company were most profitable and what to focus the company on. The book also describes a period during Steve Jobs’ life and his mindset before he became famous worldwide. Much of the book is during the time between his periods at Apple.

I read this book on my Ipad in about two weeks. I enjoyed this book but I felt that there was no defining part of the book or any particular reason to suggest this book. There are too many books to read to suggest an average book. I placed this on level 4.

If you like this book I suggest that you read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. It is a similar book about the history of a large company.

Click here for a link to To Pixar and Beyond on amazon. If you are considering purchasing this book and you like my review or find it useful, please consider buying it after clicking that link. I get a commission at no extra cost to yourself.

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